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Welcome to our terms and conditons page. This where you upload or send your songs and stories to us.

1. All original material has to be owned by you. No remake of material owned by others will be accepted. Your material should be copyrighted but it's not necessary. You can get copyrighted here at the U.S. Copyright office or if you like, an easier and quicker way is here at the Writers Guild of America. It is not expensive and in the times we live in, it doesn't hurt to make sure you're protected.

2. By sending us your material, you are giving permission to play and post your songs and/or stories on our website and use them in our podcasts at our discretion. No compensation will be given for any material uploaded to us.

3. All of your music is to be emailed to us at in a mp3 format attachment. If you have a different formant like a .wav file, use one of the free converters online to convert it. The file should not be over 10mb. If sending multiple songs email them one at a time.

4. has no ownership or claim to your music or stories. They are yours. We are only here to showcase your efforts to others who might enjoy them. We offer no guarantees or warranties. Any profits you happen to make from your work's exposure on is yours. may profit from advertisers or other sources on our site.

Please include your name and email address for your contact information.

If you agree to these terms and conditions you can send us your songs and/or stories by clicking here.


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