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BoomerTube Podcast
Episode # 32

Get a Job Kid

Host: Deb Wittner
Music: Wendy Matson

This episode recalls the jobs we Boomers had as youngsters. Whether is was mowing
lawns, babysitting, or more unorthodox ways of earning money, we explore our creativity
in finding ways to do it, as kids in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

We revisit creating the Lemonade or Koolaid stand, and how much things have changed
in the last few decades. Deb also recalls the jobs she held as as a younster, and shares
a story about her husband and his brother selling almonds in 1960’s California.

We also hear a song by Wendy Matson, a singer/songwriter from Idaho, performing one
of her songs, “Who, What, Why and Where.”

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