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A podcast full of stories and original music for and by Baby Boomers -- no politics, financial advice or angst. Just fun facts and anecdotes.

“Come play with your own age group!”

Deb Wittner
Your Host

Previous Podcasts

Episode 1: "Welcome"
In this first podcast, Deb talks about boomers having fun and the podcast mission.
Fast Car [Play] | Fast Car [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 2: "Burgers and Fries"
Deb reminisces about all the places Boomers went to meet and eat in their youth.
Chele Lane [Play] | Chele Lane [Download] | Contact Artist]

Episode 3: "Can't Reach The Pedals"
Deb talks about first cars and learning how to drive.
Bring Back You [Play] | Bring Back You [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 4: "The American Road Trip"
Deb talks about family road trips in the 50's and 60's
Key West [Play] | Key West [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 5: "Think High Tech"
Deb compares old technology with new.
Secret Lies [Play] | Secret Lies [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 6: "The 70's-Can You Dig It?"
Deb talks about the 70's.
The Veil [Play] | The Veil [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 7: “Sorry; I can’t hear you over the volume of your hair”
Deb talks about Boomer hair.
Girl Next Door [Play] | Girl Next Door [Download] Contact Artist

Episode 8: “I Hate Boys - and Girls are Icky.”
Deb talks Dating.
Partly Cloudy [Play] | Partly Cloudy [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 9: “From Lunch Box to Sock Hop.”
Deb revisits Elementary and Junior High School.
Dark Horse Rider [Play] | Dark Horse Rider [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 10: Thanksgiving: Is Gravy a Beverage?”
Deb talks Turkey.
Back Country Road [Play] | Back Country Road [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 11: Accidental Ingenuity”
Deb: The Long and Short of it!
Margarita Lips [Play] | Margarita Lips [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 12: “From Tupperware to Underwear”
Deb talks about home shopping from yesteryear!
Hell Out Of Dodge [Play] | Hell Out Of Dodge [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 13: “Len From Ohio - The Long and Short of it”
The Long and Short of it!!
I'm In Love [Play] | I'm In Love [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 14: “Sugary Sticky Goodness”
Deb reminisces about snacks from the past!
Redemption [Play] | Redemption [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 15: “Got a Wheel?”
Deb:flying stories with her Dad!
Awaken My Heart [Play] | Awaken My Heart [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 16: “My Horse, the Goat”
Deb talks about her horse's food cravings."
Idaho Cowboy [Play] | Idaho Cowboy [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 17: “Shake Your Groove Thing”
Deb talks Slang Words and Phrases.
Drive [Play] | Drive [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 18: “The Totegoat”
Deb talks about a young cousin's need for speed.
Found Myself an Angel [Play] | Found Myself an Angel [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 19: “Davie of Brixton -The Long and Short of It”
Deb talks about an "otherworldly" visionary.
10 miles from Bliss [Play] | 10 miles from Bliss [Download] | Contact Artist
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Episode 20: “Bird Houses and Polka Dots”
Deb talks about Shop Class and Home Ec.
Partly Cloudy [Play] | Partly Cloudy [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 21: “The Dark Side”
Deb talks about Greasers, Bikers and Rebels
Good Looker, Good Cooker [Play] | Good Looker, Good Cooker [Download]
Contact Artist
FaceBook: Doug Armento
“Cowgirl Tattoo” album, under Douglas Rocci Armento. On Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes

Episode 22: “Fast Forward -- on Two Wheels”
Deb talks about her motorcycle days
Cowgirl Tattoo [Play] | Cowgirl Tattoo [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 23: “You'll Shoot Your Eye Out”
Deb shares a listener's stories of his first BB gun
Believe I'll Go Back Home Blues [Play] | Believe I'll Go Back Home Blues [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 24: “Theaters and Drive Ins”
Deb talks about going to the movies.
Pirates-Sensing Sirens
[Play] | Pirates-Sensing Sirens [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 25: "Cowboy Shirts and Poodle Skirts"
Deb talks about clothes from the 50s, 60s and 70s.
HooDoo Man
[Play] | ©HooDoo Man [Download]
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Episode 26: "Stop Me If You've Heard This One"
Deb remembers comedians from the past
Somewhere Else To Be [Play] | ©Somewhere Else To Be [Download]
Contact Artist
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Episode 27: "Horses and Airplanes"
Deb discusses two very different types of horsepower..

Partly Cloudy [Play] | Partly Cloudy [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 28: "Ronnie from Queens"
Deb talks about a quirky, funny and sometimes scary movie icon.

Wayward Son [Play] | Wayward Son [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 29: "Animal Actors"
Deb recalls favorite non-human Hollywood stars from the past

Margarita Lips [Play] | Margarita Lips [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 30: "Shaken Not Stirred"
Deb recalls classic cocktails

Fool For The Moon[Play] | Fool For The Moon [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 31: "The Ol Swimming Hole"
Deb recalls water fun
Montana in a song [Play] | Montana in a song [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 32: "Get a Job Kid"
Deb remembers our first paying gigs

Who, What, Why and Where [Play] | Who, What, Why and Where [Download] | Contact Artist | Wendy Matson
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Episode 33: "Date Night"
Deb explores Advanced Dating 101

Greyhound [Play] | Greyhound [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 34: "Jerome from Milwaukee"
The Long and Short of It
Partly Cloudy [Play] | Partly Cloudy [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 35: "Hopscotch and Balls"
Deb recalls our favorite games toys and activities as Boomer kids

The Sea [Play] | The Sea [Download] |Contact Artist
Brad Fitch

Episode 36: "Motorcycles and Movie Stars"
Deb looks at Hollywood’s love of bikes and related songs

Westside Cafe [Play] | Westside Cafe [Download]
Contact Artist

Eric Elison

Episode 37: "Get Off the Phone!"
Deb recalls teenage Boomers love affair with the telephone

Liars Table [Play] | Liars Table [Download] | Contact Artist
Tim Wilson

Episode 38: "Grandma’s Kitchen"
Deb remembers the sweet sanctuary of our grandmothers’ kitchens

Fellowship of Solitude [Play] | Fellowship of Solitude [Download]
Contact Artist:
Lynn Tredeau

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Episode 39: "Robert from Daytona Beach" -- The Long and Short of It
Deb remembers a soft-spoken talent.
Peace in the Midst [Play] | Peace in the Midst [Download] | Contact Artist
Lynn Tredeau

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Episode 40: "Forty Funnies. Well, plus a few..."
Deb finds a few jokes -- old and new

Still Under My Skin [Play] | Still Under My Skin [Download] |
Contact Artist
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Episode 41: "Burger Wrappers and 8 Tracks"
Deb recalls the High School Parking Lot
Fast Car [Play] | Fast Car[Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 42: "Dippity Do and Jiffy Pop"
Deb remembers slumber parties
I Believed In You [Play] | I Believed In You[Download] | Contact Artist
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Episode 43:"A Resilient Toy (The long and short of it)"
Deb remembers a simple toy that has stood the test of time

Everything Changed [Play] | Everything Changed[Download]
Contact Artist
Eric Elison Facebook
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Episode 44: "The Shoulders We Stand On - 4th of July Podcast 2019"
Deb remembers her dad and others who fight for our freedom
John Wayne Tribute
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Episode 45: "Buy the Ticket -- Take the Ride"
Deb recalls public transportation of the past
AdriAnna [Play] | AdriAnna[Download] | Contact Artist
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Episode 46: "Spooky Horses"
Deb reinforces the value of a sticky seat in the saddle
Baxter Black [Play] | Baxter Black [Download] | Contact Artist
Episode 47: "Cherry Bombs and Sparklers"
Deb recalls fireworks and other exploding fun
Bridgetown [Play] |Bridgetown [Download] | Contact Artis
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Episode 48: "The Frog Invasion of Roseland Trailer Park"
Lonny Willis remembers boyhood antics
County Line [Play] |County Line [Download] | Contact Artist

Episode 49: "Draggin’ Main on a Saturday Night"
Deb remembers her hometown cruising scene
Sailboat [Play] Sailboat [Download] | Contact Artist

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Episode 50: "Mom and Dad "
A WWII Love Story
Let me call you sweetheart [Play]
by Patti Page
Show Notes

Episode 51: "Jesse from West Virginia"
The Long and Short of It
Deb remembers a much-loved comic icon
Curley Phries [Play] Curley Phries [Download] | Contact Artist
Mississippi Marshall & The Juke Daddys
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Episode 52: "Micro Management vs Mud Management"
Deb compares parenting of the past to today
Baxter Black [Play] | Baxter Black [Download] | Contact Artist
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Episode 53: "The Year Was...? TV Remotes and Beetle Bailey"
A new feature! What year are we highlighting?

Rocky [Play] | Rocky[Download] | Contact Artist
Brad Fitch
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Episode 54
"Tales from the Recruiting Chair"
Company memories from Deb’s past life

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Episode Song and Contact info

Never Gettin' Out of This Town

Never Gettin' Out of This Town

Contact Artist

Rob Matson

What is “The Long and Short of It?”

Inspired by Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story,” we occasionally showcase a person or thing that was widely known and embraced by mid-century popular culture. Examples might be an actor, a toy, or simply an idea that was notably popular in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s. Tune in to our podcast to see if you can guess who or what it is before the “reveal” at the end!

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