BoomerTube is a podcast full of stories and history for Baby Boomers -- no politics, financial advice or angst. Just fun facts and anecdotes. Why listen to us? In addition to being a quick escape from an upside down world, each podcast showcases an original artist who performs his or her own material. And the best part? We're not long-winded! Our podcasts are typically less than twenty minutes in length.

Come play with your own age group!

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Episode 135
Pet Rocks and Posters

Expressing our individuality

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Borrowed Time

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Episode 131:"Special Delivery"
Parcel Posts of People
Take a Ride With Me
Dusty Leigh
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Episode 130:"Steve Snyder Interview"
Steve's WWII Book, Shot Down
Not Forgetten Men
Rob Scholes
Show Notes

Episode 129"The Man of 1,000 Voices"
We remember the talent of Mel Blanc
Good or Nasty Weather
Brandon Thomas
Show Notes

Episode 128:"Gary and the Dogs of Vietnam"
Our friend Gary Weigel remembers his experiences as a Dog Handler
Not Forgotten Men
Rob Scholes
Show Notes

Episode 127:"Who are Baby Boomers?"
A Quick Reflection of Boomer DNA
My Mistake
Contact Artist
The Mystics
Show Notes

Episode 126:"Stars and States-Arkansas!"
Fun facts and notable names from “The Natural State”
Arkansas State Song
State of Arkansas
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Episode 125"Bell Bottoms, Baby!"
The history of a fashion phenomenon
You Can Get Your Love Right Here
Steve Eaton
Show Notes

Episode 124"Hey, Got Your Ears On?"
CB’s and the ‘70’s
Behind the Whiskey
Dusty Leigh
Show Notes

Episode 123"The Bon Marche"
A department store with heart
How It Never Was
The Mystics
Show Notes

Episode 122:"Stars and States -- Arizona"
Fun facts and notable names from the “Grand Canyon State”

State of Arizona
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Episode 121:"D.S. Wilson Interview"
“Saxuality” -- New album release!
Metro Internal Debate
DS Wilson
Show Notes

Episode 120: "I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing!"
Slogans, Jingles and Mottos, Part 3
Deep Down
J. Ann
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Stars and States, The Year Was...?,
AND The Long and Short it,
are our ongoing Series.

"The Year Was...?"

Listen to happenings and milestones during the podcast to guess what year we're highlighting.


What is "The Long and Short of It?"

Inspired by Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story," we occasionally showcase a person or thing that was widely known and embraced by mid-century popular culture. Examples might be an actor, a toy, or simply an idea that was notably popular in the 50's, 60's or 70's. Tune in to our podcast to see if you can guess who or what it is before the "reveal" at the end!